Chuck your Chucks & Upgrade Your Sneaks

Are your trainers flip-flopping or now a nasty shade of brown when they should be white? Yep, its that time. Let’s go through your shoe rack at the bottom of your wardrobe


Re-arrange that sock drawer missy

Up and down the country its not unknown for girls to use their sock drawer for throwing the odd thing in to clear away their dresser, odd socks, old holey tights, maybe even the knee-high socks you used 3 Halloweens ago.


Don’t look terrible when you work out

Remember the music videos from the 80’s where gym wear featured leg warmers and pink headbands? Going to the gym nowadays is like going on a night out – its a fashion show – you want to look good and then you’ll feel good while attempting to lift the bar bell, the right trainers for […]


Ditch the wax when getting rid of pesky hair

*points to forehead* I’ve had it up to HERE with waxing. It’s tedious. It’s painful and it never works the way I want. We’ve all been there when you’ve just finished waxing your legs and then sit on the sofa having a feel about for wild strays before getting the tweezers out.


Hats To Never Ever Buy

I think you need to have a certain type of face to be able to carry off wearing a hat. Everyone is different though, some suit different hat shapes better that others.


The Big Autumn No Nos!

What’s on this weekend? Oh, you’ve got a Saturday afternoon out with the girls and are frantically searching the web for something to order for 24hr delivery to your work on Friday. This autumn/winter season there are lots of trends