Coco Chanel
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Dark wash denim in style forever

Dark wash denim -Women's wardrobe essentials Denim is an all-time favorite outfit for all the youngsters that bring the best of fashion and young look to them. It’s nice to look a bit in shape and attractive with dark wash denim...

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Self-love tips -Part 2

It's time for your hobby It’s not good to have hobbies. It’s actually essential to have at least one in your life. According to the latest researches, the psychology specialist has recently made a hobby is possible to change your life if you have never had one and...

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Top 8 Summer Fashion Trends I Truly Like

Fashion is a kind of a religion for me, which is why there’s a period within the year, I get quite excited to review the latest updates in the field. Usually, I start checking out the online fashion magazines to learn the newest fashion trends at the end of the...

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Bedtime Fairy Tale: End the Day With Gratitude

Bedtime Fairy Tale: Once upon a Time... When I was a kid, I used to hate going to bed. Ok, who didn’t actually? Anyway, the only way my parents were able to take me to the bed was the promise for a new bedtime fairy tale. Nowadays, when I am a grownup, I realise how...

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Self-love tips-Part 1

I love myself because I accept myself It’s all about vanity nowadays. Vanity is the silent ruler of today’s global economy and meanwhile, the servant to a whole range of sins and faults. Inner beauty has become a forgotten value from far off-days, while the roughest...

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