Bedtime Fairy Tale: Once upon a Time…

When I was a kid, I used to hate going to bed. Ok, who didn’t actually? Anyway, the only way my parents were able to take me to the bed was the promise for a new bedtime fairy tale.
Nowadays, when I am a grownup, I realise how this little ritual has changed me. The bedtime fairy tale has become something essential for my everyday routine. Recently, when I discovered that something has been missing in my life, I have thought off about it! I just figured it out – I still need a bedtime fairy tale, but there was one big problem.
My parents are no longer taking care of me, so there’s nobody to read me a fairy tale once I get to bed. Plus, it would be ridiculous, right (dear mommies, you are blessed to have a kid on your own to read him or her a bedtime fairy tale just like you are back in the old times). I am too matured to read kid’s fairy tales, but I still needed a bedtime fairy tale…

Bedtime Fairy Tale :New trend in my life

Once I’ve read a study about gratitude and how it affects our minds. Moreover – gratitude is something so big that it can literally change us and our attitude towards the world as a whole. According to one research, for instance, being thankful changes the molecular structure of the brain keeps the grey matter functioning, and makes us healthier and happier. And who doesn’t want to be happier and healthier?
This is how I got to a conclusion that I can revive my habit to get a bedtime fairy tale and meanwhile, to let this ritual make me more positive and in a top condition. I have established a new trend in my life: ending the day with gratitude in the form of a bedtime fairy tale.

Eventually, this new idea has truly changed the way I think

. I started focusing on the positive things instead of the negative ones. And if during the beginning of this lifetime habit the positivism appeared only during bedtime, now, I even wake up with an excellent cheerful mood as the more I am thankful with each next day, the more I get a clear idea for the essential things in life. Because those things I am grateful about in the evenings, usually wake me up in the mornings to suppress on the real values in life: I am healthy, and I have a great family, I have amazing friends, and I continue being a fantastic friend… But let’s enlighten this whole idea I transferred in my life with an ordinary bedtime fairy tale ritual so you can understand it at full value

Bedtime Fairy Tale :Or what should be your personal bedtime fairy tale about?

What can everyone be grateful about? Here’s one universal list of things almost all of you can be thankful about:

The people!

Every night I finish the day with a fairy tale about how grateful I am about all the people I have and love in my life. Some people stick to their families, while others live for their kids. But you should be grateful for your friends, too as life is too dull without them. Be thankful about your mentors, your teachers and even about your office team as these people teach you daily turning you into a more complete person.

The chance to change things!

I am also grateful about being provided with the chance (from God, from the universe, the fortune – call it whatever you want) to change things. We all own our lives, and this is why we are those who can make changes. Once we realise this amazing opportunity everyone has in his or her life, things get better. You don’t like your job, and every day you hate your life for it? Well, start telling a fairy tale every time before going to bed as to how thankful you are that you can change your job position, your bosses, your colleagues, even the city you work in… Because after all, every change starts with the thought of a change. And we all can change!

The health!

We appreciate health once we find issues in it. Till then, never, absolutely never stop being grateful for being healthy. You’ve got a flue today? Well, be grateful in a fairy tale of your bedtime ritual that you can still walk, you can get up of the bed tomorrow!

The experience !

I have a grateful fairy tale about the experience I get every single day. And here’s what: you don’t even have to be some superhero or a super active person who makes thousands of things per day. Experience comes from the least and the less significant things in life: from the queue in the store you get so mad about for the whole waiting time, when you realize that life is still here and rushing or hurrying up all the time mixes you up so much that you get stress; in your daily fight with your better half that usually ends up with 2 days of silent punishment between both of you after which you realize how much precious time you have lost instead of giving and showing love…

To myself!!!

Last, but not least, dear friends, never stop being grateful to yourself, because you are the engine that rules your body and rocks your world. And you are doing just fine – because you are still here. And for some reason, you are supposed to be here. You must be grateful for that. You must be thankful for your own ability to cope with various problems every single day ending it up with gratitude to yourself!

So how does this idea sound to you? Can you be more thankful in your life? And can you turn back time to those early child’s days when fairy tales still mattered something to us…O, both things definitely are worth it!

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