I love myself because I accept myself


It’s all about vanity nowadays. Vanity is the silent ruler of today’s global economy and meanwhile, the servant to a whole range of sins and faults. Inner beauty has become a forgotten value from far off-days, while the roughest standards in personal appearance are getting more and crueller. If only I could speak to all those women, who have ever negatively thought about their bodies or those, who constantly repeat how ugly they are in front of their worst adviser – the mirror. I guess, now I get this chance and my series of self-love tips start with this primary guide, the guide for starting loving yourself and mostly, your body again as revival sounds entirely possible. I’m not some kind of a successful life coach, but, I believe, you are going to lean on my self-love tips for one specific reason: I’ve been in your shoes, too!

And I believe my self-love tips could be an excellent start for you!

According to the psychologists, about 65% of women today admit they don’t like their bodies. On the other side, 23% of women have never said it loudly, but deep inside they do not accept themselves what they are despising any zone or piece of their appearance. There’s no doubt that body dissatisfaction is an epidemic syndrome. And the worst part is that this type of a state of mind is one-size, it fits all – from plump plus-size women to model-like girls, who still find (non)existing imperfections in the mirror.
Hating your body is like a chronic disease. Not fighting it leads to severe consequences that reflect both: your everyday lifestyle and even your health. It has been proven since a long time that sick mind provokes sick body.
There’s a cure, of course. And I believe my self-love tips could be an excellent start for your total, successful and significant redesign of your personal concept regarding who you are and how well you appear in the mirror.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to admit you’ve got a problem. Once you say it loudly, you’ll make huge progress towards your self-love rediscovery. Let me help you…Have you ever compared yourself to your best friend and her amazing body curves? Or you might you have refused to wear a dress your beloved man got you as a present because you thought it’s just not appropriate for your body shape? And were there at least one case when you declined an invitation to a fancy party, assuming you don’t look beautiful enough for the audience there?

If there’s at least one yes, you have now admitted: you don’t like yourself, but you should. The following steps are simple, but if you perform them one by one, it’s going to be a matter of time for you to start loving yourself again. And since life is too short to look for the negative sides instead of enjoying the positive ones, let’s get started right away:

Self-love tips “My body and beauty”

It’s you who don’t like your own body. But never forget that, as a matter of fact, you experience this hate, because you want to look beautiful in other people’s eyes. So, why don’t you liking yourself, while actually others do?
There was time originality something that made the Earth go round. Today, it seems that being different sounds like a disadvantage. But those who are not genuinely amazing are actually those who need to copy-paste. These people cannot be different; they only can imitate, which is why they will always be on the “second position” in any life chart. Different people – they get the top ranks. And everyone, though, is different. When you realise that, you are going to make your first big win in your life.

Self-love Tips “that beauty is eternal”

“There’s nothing more beautiful than a glowing positive, mature woman!”


Now, let’s talk a bit more concretely. Usually, women are those who suffer from body dissatisfaction. This syndrome begins once a woman realises she’s getting old. It’s even more frustrating when a woman changes after giving birth. These two periods of a lifetime, on the other side, actually makes the girl a real woman. It’s the natural course of a woman’s path. That’s what she was made – to become a mother, to get mature enough to take care of her family and the surrounding world. No one can escape maturity. Beautiful women can’t either. When they get old, they become nothing, but when you get old, you are going to be prepared, and that’s why you are not going to suffer. You will remain positive and shining. And, trust me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a glowing positive, mature woman!
About those beautiful women, you’ve been comparing to all those years! Besides the fact they are not capable of being different (unique), they are also stuck in their wrong idea “that beauty is eternal”. Beauty isn’t eternal, but self-love is. And love is what makes a face glowing regardless the age. Those women you have been comparing to when opening the social networks are followed today, but when their youth goes away, no one would want to follow their unhappy faces and moods.

Are you ready now…? Are you ready to start loving yourself and your body? You just need to make a small step ahead straight to the mirror. The mirror isn’t your enemy or boring secretary machine that repeats how fat you are every day. It’s just a piece of glass you use to put your lipstick on the right without colouring your teeth…!

Here is Self-love Part 2-Enjoy

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